On Your Own Terms


Who We Are

We are locally owned and operated, and are very proud to be from the ‘603.  As innovators in the energy industry, we have helped pave the way for our fellow residents and small businesses owners to have an energy supply choice, and an opportunity to save on their electric bills.

What We Do

PowerNE was the first supplier to bring electricity supply savings to residential customers in NH. Whether it is to light your home, heat your water, recharge your electric vehicle or power your business, PowerNE will make it more affordable for you. We have proven experience saving our clients thousands of dollars through our innovative power solutions. 

How We Do It

By utilizing a talented team of Energy Experts, PowerNE is able to deliver affordable energy directly to your home or office. We purchase electricity directly from the New England Power Pool, which often beats standard utility offers. The electricity we purchase from the New England Power Pool is often cleaner and greener than utilities with self generating coal plants.