Fixed Price Plans 


Our Most Popular Product, Fixed rate plans allow you to lock in a price for a set term, typically between 3 and 36 months.  Locking a price in provides Budget Certainty and protection against market volatility.

Block & Index Plans

Our Block and Index Plan allows you to fix a portion of your electricity supply costs, typically between 25% and 75%, while purchasing the remaining load on the Hourly Market. This unique blended product provides the a huge  potential for savings, without being fully exposed to the volatility of the energy market. We pride ourselves on our 100% transparency while billing for this product. All costs are itemized and passed through to the customer at cost. 

Real Time & Day Ahead Pricing 

This innovative product allows you to purchase electricity in the Real-Time or Day-Ahead market on an hourly basis. With a variable rate there is no long term commitment, you can exit the market or convert to a fixed price on 30 days’ notice.  This product also features our 100% transparent billing. Purchasing electricity hourly typically produces the greatest savings but does have the highest volatility, which is where we come in. Our Energy Experts help you take advantage of the most advantageous times to purchase and use electricity.

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